Bassist of Art Cube (N) sustains injury and recuperating

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Tags: Art Cube


There have been rumors going around speculating about the physical injury Art Cube bassist, N, has sustained recently. We would like to clear up these rumors now.

First, the bad news: Art Cube bassist, N, fractured his collarbone and had to take an absence leave from a few concerts for hospitalization and rest. As such, Art Cube concerts scheduled in January have been either cancelled or postponed to a later date.

Good news: Luckily, the injury was not serious. On January 12th, N has been released from the hospital and is making good progress. He should be in stable condition by March, back to normal performing in concerts soon thereafter, and in time for the South American Tour.

Please kindly send your love, prayers, and best wishes to N for a speedy and rockin' recovery. Thank you all and God bless!

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