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Sunday, April 4, 2010
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The band Head Phones President will conduct a tour of Latin America in April 2010. Brazil will have four concerts of the band: on April 24,25 during AnimeTeen (www.animeteen.com.br/) in São Paulo, on April 29 in AnimeHero!Beats RJ (www.animeherofestival.com/) in Rio de Janeiro, and finally on May 1 in AnimeHeroFesitval CE (www.animeherofestival.com/) in Fortaleza (IMO, one of the most beautiful places in Brazil). For exclusive tour information, shows and interviews, tune into Radio Animix or direct your browser to www.radioanimix.com.br/.

As you may or may not know, you surely must have heard the voice of vocalist Anza, for being in the group and even before entering it, who had a solo career with her vocals and music in popularly known anime and manga. With her second single, "Tobira wo Akete", Anza had her music as the opening of Season 2 of Card Captor Sakura and also took part in the live theater Sailor Moon musicals, in which she acted as Sailor Moon and performed songs.

For those who still do not know about this band, Head Phones President consists of members: Anza on vocals, Hiro and Mar on guitar, Narumi on bass, and Batch on drums. Formed originally with the name "Deep Blue", the band changed its name to Head Phones President when it launched in 2000. Their first single was called "Escapism". Since then, they have won fans and toured with other groups around the world with a sound conceptualized as: MUCC, Slipknot, and Motley Crue.

Head Phones President Latin America tour radio spot (Portuguese): Spot - Head Phones President - low.mp3
Head Phones President MySpace: www.myspace.com/headphonespresident5848/

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